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About the course

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course is made up of 8 sessions, and takes you on the journey of learning the practice of meditation, and how you can integrate Mindfulness into your everyday life.

The course really is about learning to be kinder towards ourselves, to slow down in this busy world of ours, to remember how to be happy, to remember how to appreciate our lives.

Each of the sessions with me is for 90 minutes, and then the main focus of the course is your own daily meditation practice, and exercises you do at home that help you to reflect on different aspects of your life: such as your communications, your stress triggers, your habits. This is a great journey of self discovery and understanding.


I have a quiet and comfortable room here in Holmfirth away from all the hustle and bustle of the busy world where we can share this process of studying Mindfulness in peace...although in the summer with the windows open we have the lovely sound-scape of birdsong and the river as a back drop.

Why choose to do the course one-to-one?

Having this private space means that we can we can focus our discussions to meet your needs directly, and it also means we can be flexible with dates and the pace of the course.

Most people choose to do the sessions once a week or once a fortnight, but longer gaps can be taken to accommodate work and family commitments

Course venue and fees

118,Dunford Road,


Each session of 90 minutes for one-to-one is


Each session of 90 minutes for couples: