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stacey ash

Mindfulness, the key to relaxing and enjoying life.

Personal one-to-one courses in Holmfirth.

It’s hard to put into words when something is so meaningful, so powerful, so enjoyable, so life-changing...but I’ll try! The content was just right. It was just the right balance of talking, learning new practices, and practising them.

The room you use has such a peaceful, lovely atmosphere, it always felt like a coming into a calm haven.

I loved having the privilege of a one to one course, it made it very personal and easier to discuss things that came up without feeling inhibited.

All in all the 8 week course was more than I could have ever hoped for. It was something I looked forward to every week and it started me on a journey that I know isn’t going to end. I practice mindfulness in some form every day and it makes a positive difference to my life.

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